Co-Invest in A Grade, Pre-leased Commercial Real Estate
The Future is here

We envision a world where we can democratize access to institutional-grade real estate in order to enable data-driven decision making for our co-investors by being transparent about an asset class that has otherwise been reserved for the most elite individuals and organizations.

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Why Commercial Real Estate?

Create a more defensive portfolio with commercial real estate
and improve your risk-adjusted returns.

Less Volatile



Commercial Real




More Volatile

CRE Should Be In Everyone’s Portfolio.
The Data Speaks For Itself

Solutions We Offer


Traditional CRE Investment

Coinvest Solution


Almost Opaque and emotion driven. Decision stems out of personal connections.

Completely Transparent. Decision based on Real Estate Analytics driven by a team of experts.

High Ticket Size

Minimum Investment in A-Grade CRE is above Rs.1 Cr.

Minimum Investment in A Grade CRE is Rs. 25 lakhs.

Geographic Constraints

Almost entire process of property buying/management happens physically causing loss of time.
100% of the property presentation, transaction and property management happens online.

Tenancy and Capital Risk.

Very high risk due to decision based on lack of information and time constraints.

Very low risk since Coinvest assets are curated by a team of experts in Real estate using Analytics.

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